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Posted: Mar 05, 2013 11:13 PM CSTUpdated: Mar 23, 2013 11:14 PM CDT

By Ned Hibberd, Reporter - bio
HOUSTON (FOX 26) -It was a full house Tuesday night at Rice University, for a “rap session” on Houston-born hip-hop.A panel discussion brought together the bright lights of the north Houston SwishaHouse label, which helped develop a sub-genre of hip hop known as “chopped and screwed.”

“What it is, is when we slow down music,” explained Michael 5000 Watts, founder of SwishaHouse. “And there’s a couple more elements to it and we add our own twist to it.”

Several SwishaHouse artists, like Chamillionaire, have gone on to national fame.

And on Tuesday, Watts and Chamillionaire – along with G Dash, OG Ron C and a few others – took questions about the music.

SwishaHouse has donated to Rice many artifacts from its origins in the mid-90′s. The university is archiving those items as pieces of music history.

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