Big Tiger


Representing Houston, TX, Big Tiger is one of the first artists out of the Swisha House International record label. His big break came with the track “Big Ballin’, Shot Callin’” from Swisha House’s debut The Day Hell Broke Loose in 1999. The song was a hometown hit in Texas and neighboring Louisiana, and set the stage for his own debut album, I Came to Wreck, in 2001. The popularity of Swisha mix tapes gave Watts the opportunity to release them on a larger scale by securing record deals with Southwest Wholesale and Asylum Records. Each company agreed to financially back Watts’ next album and in 1999 Swisha House had its first official release, The Day All Hell Broke Loose Part One. The compilation CD featured hip hop artists Slim Thug, Archie Lee, Big Tiger, Lil’Mario and Paul Wall and helped set the pace for the future growth of Swisha House. Its success proved that the label had what it takes to roll with the major players in the music industry.