Born Marcus Lakee Edwards, Lil’ Keke (also known as Don Ke) has earned his place in southern hip-hop history.   The Original Screwed Up Click Member has enjoyed a successful career that spans 15+ years.  The southern legend has sold over a million units as an independent artist. His catalog has been credited with creating Houston’s signature sound.  To this day, Lil Keke’s songs, adlibs, and verses are the most sampled of any artist in this state, accounting for signature hit singles for artist including Bun B, Paul Wall, Trae Da Truth, and Slim Thug.
The emcee initially gained national attention with an ode to his neighborhood, “Southside.” Since then, his catalog has grown to include hits like “I’m a G (feat Birdman),” “Chunk Up the Deuce,” and “25 Lighters,” which was recently covered by ZZ Top. Throughout his career, Lil Keke has had several label deals. Even signed to major labels, Keke has always remained true to his fans and the spirit of the underground.
The close of 2012 sees Don Ke coming into his own as a business mogul and taking his brand to the next level.  Through his newly formed 7Thirteen imprint, he released his career’s first free mixtape, “Da Leak.” Released in September, “Da Leak” was met with rave reviews from the fans and media alike.  “Da Leak” has been featured on many top music blogs and news sites, including a feature on MTV Mixtape Daily.
Da Leak” served as a promotional item to set-up the release of his first studio album on his own imprint, “Heart of A Hustla.” Available October 22, 2012, “Heart of a Hustla” will give longtime fans and new listeners a glimpse of the Lil Keke who inspired a generation of emcees and will soon inspire another.
Even without a major label deal or commercial radio support, Lil Keke continues to serve as the face for Houston hip-hop, successfully selling his music to fans all over the globe and packing out venues across the country.  Lil Keke has been giving his legions of fans his street point of view for almost 20 years with shows no signs of slowing down.